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From the get-go, Madison Technologies’ Accelerator has made it a top priority to produce original and creative accelerator plans that help your startup reach new heights.

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We feel that there is an amazing opportunity for consumer startups to leverage the fundamentals of brand building. At Madison Technologies, you will lay the foundation for your brand as you work with market research partners. We do this in a supportive entrepreneurial environment, surrounded by our team of rockstar mentors.


The hard and soft skills needed to build a body of creative work and/or to launching a creative business are the pillars of Madison Technologies. These skills include applying our technical expertise to execute your craft and to develop a working knowledge of the professional requirements to further your passion.


Madison Technologies accelerator program helps entrepreneurs, inventors and scientists turn their ideas into market-ready technologies by making small, strategic investments to accelerate development and commercialization. Our success depends on your success, so we guide you every step of the way to bring your product to market.

Online Marketing

At Madison Technologies we are focused 100% on helping companies to grow their business, while maintaining a light and nimble approach ensuring they can out maneuver competitors and maximize profits. With the increasing need for Digital Marketing in companies and organizations of all sizes, we’ll increase your company’s understanding, effectiveness and collaboration across all your teams.


TuffyPacks Ballistic Shields


TuffyPack Demo - English Version

Madison Technologies; has entered to EU with the intent to make Europe a safer place offering a new personal ballistic shield to protect you and your family from mass public shootings.

TuffyPack Demo - Deutsch Version

Madison Technologies; hat die EU mit der Absicht, trat zu einem sichereren Ort zu machen Europa einen neuen persönlichen ballistischen Schild bietet Ihnen und Ihrer Familie von Massenpublikum Schießereien zu schützen.

TuffyPack Demo - Version Française

Madison Technologies ; est entré à l’UE avec l’intention de faire de l’Europe un lieu plus sûr offrant un nouveau bouclier balistique personnelle pour vous et votre famille de fusillades publiques de masse protéger.

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